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Wolfpack Hockey Tryouts 2021-22

Wed, 8/25 – 3:50-5:00pm

Thur, 8/26 – 3:50-4:50pm

Fri, 8/27 – 4:00-5:20pm



2020-2021 Season Update

Welcome to the Saint Ignatius Wolfpack Hockey Club 2020-2021 season!

The purpose of this communication is to provide important information regarding the season ahead. Per Governor Pritzker’s announcement last week on youth sports, hockey has been designated in the high-risk category. Consequently, at this time, we can practice but not play games. We will move forward with the season ahead and align our schedule to the school calendar. Our commitment is for each team to touch the ice at least three times per week. We will be returning to Fifth Third Arena.

Please read through all the various sections below. We’ve included lots of information.

Pre-Season Parent Meeting

A pre-season parent meeting will take place via Zoom this Wed., 8/12 (6:00-6:45 pm). Information will be sent out the day-of. At least one parent for every participating player should attend. It is optional for players to join. 


Tryouts will take place as follows: 

  • Fri., 8/28 (6:35-7:50 pm)
  • Sat., 8/29 (10:40-11:55 am)
  • Sun., 8/30 (4:20-5:35 pm) 

More detailed information will be shared in advance, including which groups are to report when and clarification regarding rink protocols. 


Registration for tryouts will be open at the club website beginning 8/17 forward. The tryout fee will only be $30. 

Season Fees

Season fees will remain the same as last year -- $4,900. We will utilize fees judiciously to ensure we have enough practice and game ice to get through the season. We have to be flexible in so far as the season could stop and start and/or games may not begin until the new year and run into April. Nothing has been determined as of yet. Everything is fluid. This is the case for all of Illinois hockey.  

Practice Schedule

Practices will begin early to mid-September. Each team will practice at least three times per week. The final practice schedule will be shared in advance. We currently anticipate the JV/Varsity B team practicing on Mon/Tue/Wed (3:50-4:50 pm), and the Varsity team practicing Tuesday morning (6:30-7:40 am) and Thurs/Fri (3:50-4:50 pm). This schedule is built to integrate with the school’s current schedule and may be adjusted if the school schedule changes. We will also look to add a weekend ice slot and the opportunity for off-ice workouts. More information will follow on all of the above.

The coaching staff will utilize the period ahead to be creative and resourceful. Development and growth are our top priorities. We have the ability to shape practices as we like, mixing age groups, levels and positions; focusing on different foundational concepts, habits and details; bringing in guest instructors. It’s important for the boys to stay healthy, connected and physically active in a way that balances school and home life. We feel we are uniquely positioned to do that.  

Pre-Season To-Do List

To participate in tryouts and begin practicing, each player/family will need to take the following actions: 

- Complete your sports physical using the attached IHSA form. The SICP athletic department accepts only this IHSA form. Please be sure that the first page is fully completed (all yes/no boxes) and that the form is signed in 3 places: at the bottom of page 1 by both player and parent and on page 2 by the physician.

Please either send your forms electronically to Lisa Koehl at or bring them to the first tryout.

- Register for your new 2020-2021 USA Hockey number if you haven’t already. You’ll need this for registration. Here’s the USA Hockey link: .

Players with birth-year 2003 or earlier: Complete SafeSport Training. Birth-years 2002 and earlier must complete the REFRESHER course. 2003 birth-years complete the CORE training. Players with birth-years 2004 or later do not need to complete any training. Please use your summer free time to knock this out. (Last player to complete the required training will owe our team’s registrar 50 pushups ... on skates and gloves :). Here’s the link to the SafeSport Training:


In closing, thank you for your patience and understanding. Staying in good communication and staying together, we can make the most of this season ahead despite the challenges and limitations we all are facing. Please join for the pre-season parent meeting on Zoom this Wednesday. We will address all subjects in detail. Feel free to reach out directly if needed with any individual questions or concerns. In the meantime, enjoy the remainder of summer and go Wolfpack! 


Matt Smith                                         Matt Connelly
Hockey Director                                 Club President 

For any questions:
Coach Matt Smith 
(312) 446-5763